When I woke up this morning, outside my window was black.  The longer I sit here, the brighter it gets.  I find comfort in things I can predict.  Every morning the sun comes up.  The sunrise may provide different colors or even be hidden behind the clouds, but light always comes after the darkness of night.  The boundaries of light and dark that God set in place at creation have not changed.  My good days, bad days, busy days may be filled with fears or tedium or celebration, but they are all set within natural laws that do not change.  I find great security and peace in this God that does not change.  Evil and the weakness of man may change my attitude and emotions, but they do not change God.  He created a rhythm and a cycle in nature that I can depend on, that gives me security in an insecure world.

 But God is far more than just predictable security and expectation.  He is into delight.  While the sun has come up every morning this week, God has also sent delight outside that same window:  a bluebird came to feed, a nosy squirrel came and just stared in the window at me, a hummingbird hovered and fed on brightly colored blooms, sunbeams shined through our American flag.  None of those are necessary.  We could easily survive in a black and white world.  We don’t need taste for nutrition.  His creativity is manifested in the shapes and textures and variety of colors and sounds.  Consider the shape of an earthworm and a baboon.  The softness of a patch of moss and the sharp point of a cactus needle.  The brilliant colors of tropical birds and the camouflage of mountain snakes.  The chirp of a cicada, the song of a bird, and the roar of a water fall.  The smell of salt water and the smell of flowers.  Variety and delight are just as much part of God’s character as his faithfulness.  We worship a God who puts surprise and delight into our days, not because it’s part of the cycle of nature, but because he loves us abundantly.

 May I always trust the faithfulness of this holy God, and may I never miss the surprise and delight that he lavishes on me.

 Zephaniah 3:17 The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love