There is nothing so exciting for me as to find God in the pages of scripture.  I am both humbled and awed by the fact that God preserved the stories of his relationship with ancient people so that he could teach me about himself and warn me about myself.  I am so very grateful that God continually calls me to deeper understanding of his character and has more mercy and patience than I have excuses and failures.

I am about to finish a study of the life of Moses with my Sunday School class.  God has allowed me to observe as Moses leaves the burning bush and begins a journey with God that takes him to Pharaoh’s palace, through the Red Sea and to the other end of the Wilderness. During the forty years in the wilderness Moses gives the people God’s law and intercedes for them with God.  He builds the Tabernacle where God can dwell among them and knows God face-to-face. Moses has brought God’s people out of Egypt and back to the edge of the land God promised to them. They are beginning a new story with God.  Moses’ story is ending. His sin in the wilderness will cost him entrance to the Promised Land. The people will move on under Joshua’s leadership. But God, in his incredible love and tender mercy, allows Moses to go up the last mountain and see a panoramic view of the Promised Land, the fulfillment of God’s promise. And then Moses died.  Moses’ spirit went to heaven to be united with the God who has loved him and protected him and provided for him. We know that because in the New Testament Moses appeared to Jesus, Peter, James and John at the Transfiguration. But I am moved to tears when I consider that the God who knew Moses, who had protected his body on the Nile and in the desert, took that lifeless body and tenderly buried it himself (Deut 34:6). The spirit was gone, but the body was still precious to God.

You are known and loved like that. You are precious to God. He has spent all of history making himself known to man, and all of your life making himself known to you. He is who he is, whether you know him or not. Any time you get just a glimpse of the glory of God, you have your personal burning bush. He watches over you and provides for you and protects you and knows you. He knows the number of hairs on your head (Mat 10:30) and the number of tears that you’ve cried (Ps 56:8). You are inscribed on the palm of his hand (Is 49:16). One of the biggest mysteries of life is that he wants you to know him as well.  Intentionally seek him during the quiet of your day and on the pages of his word.  It is the desire of his heart to dwell in yours and walk with you through the day that lies before you.