The last month of my life has been filled with a tight schedule of family obligations, work responsibilities, and tedious chores.  Never did I “wonder” how I would fill my spare time; I didn’t have any.  The saddest part of that is that I’m teaching a Bible study by Margaret Feinberg on finding the “wonder” of God in life.  She asks that we list all the wonderful moments when we see something that helps us recognize the wonder and power of God speaking to us in our daily lives.  My list was pitifully short….but my self-imposed “to do” list was done!!  There were a few mornings when I truly, humbly asked God to help me see those moments, but my plea was brief and my attention usually went elsewhere quickly – out the door, to my car, and off to the demands of my day.

My favorite flower is an iris.  I am delighted each May when the irises around my driveway bud and bloom.  I think they have the most incredibly beautiful flower, and, more than any of the other flowers in my yard, I eagerly anticipate their blooms in the spring.

Guess what’s blooming right beside where I park my car?  In October!!  God heard my prayers for an awareness of his presence and recognized my need for delight in the midst of all my mundane…and I have white irises in full bloom for the second time this year.

I’m sure some horticulturalist somewhere will try to explain this with some natural anomaly.  (Though how anyone can study nature and dismiss God is way beyond my understanding!)  But I know that this flower has only bloomed in May.  I know that I prayed that prayer in haste, vaguely hoping God would give me something to put on my list.  He not only answered that prayer and allowed me to see his glory right in my driveway where I couldn’t miss it; he did it in a way that brought special delight to my heart.  I am brought to my knees by the love of a powerful God who can alter the rules of nature to bring delight to the heart of his children.  He wants me to see him in the midst of whatever I’m doing.  This weekend, he made that reminder look like white iris blooms.

How often has God planted delight in my path, but I’ve missed it as I rushed by with a different agenda?  How many times has God displayed his majesty, but my attention was on other things?  How pathetic that I’ve ignored delight so that I could focus on tedium.  May I never again be so self focused that I forget or choose not to look for God in my day.  Jesus promised “I am with you always”.  May watching for his wonder and presence move to the top of my “to do” list.  May we choose to find delight and wonder in our awesome God – every day.