The default settings on my computer were probably meant for good, but they have been a huge source of irritation and frustration to me. They do correct spelling and typing errors, but they also change settings I don’t want changed. I have to be meticulous and intentional in order to override what my computer does.

Habits, both good and bad, become default responses for us. Favorite phrases, bad language, food and drink choices, driving routes and so many other things begin as a choice and end as a default response we don’t even really have to think about.

Jesus identified Satan as the “Father of Lies” in John 8:44. Anytime Satan speaks, you can be sure he is not telling the whole truth…or any of the truth. He makes sin attractive so that we will want it; then he uses that choice to entrap us into a lifestyle that becomes our default response. One bad choice leads to another until we have formed habits that make us less than who God intended us to be. Satan’s first lie was to Eve in Eden when he tells her what God said isn’t true. Satan convinced her, and still tells our culture today, that sin brings fulfillment and that being good is boring, when sin actually steals our fulfillment and makes our life empty.
How many people have said they want to wait to become a Christian and have a relationship with God because they want to live their life and have fun first? Those people are missing the very best part of their present and creating a past that will scar them. Those who seek worth and purpose and happiness in disobedient sinful behavior will be destroyed by it.

Hell is a default destination, but heaven is a lifestyle choice. Satan wants to make sure you don’t choose heaven. Satan’s lie to us is grows into the belief that since being good is boring, heaven will just be more of the same. If he can make us believe heaven is boring, we do not feel compelled to share the good news of Jesus Christ and the hope of heaven. Christians who don’t learn what the Bible says about heaven dangerously ignore what God taught to help us have his perspective on our past, present, and future. Understanding the truth about heaven will help us make better choices here on earth.

The promise of heaven is a problem for Satan and the plan he has for your destruction. He lies to us when he makes us believe that being good is boring. He says we’re not loving or we’re judgmental if we talk about hell. He says we’re fanatical and narrow minded if we insist that the Bible is true. Our ignorance of God’s word, the weakness of our flesh, our desire for acceptance and pleasure and control, the power of Satan: all of these lead us to default to sinful choices.

When my computer defaults to something I don’t want and I don’t know how to change it, I have the control/alt/delete option. Notice that the default button requires no effort on my part; changing it is a three step process. I will be intentional, or I will end up with what I don’t want.

God sent his son and his spirit and left us his word so that we would not just stumble through life, defaulting to the things that will entrap us and make us less than who he created us to be. Changing habitual responses, changing course, changing how things are into how they should be will never be a default; it will always involve self-control, alteration of the choices we make, and deletion of the sin that separates us from him.