We anticipate big events in life. A wedding. The birth of a baby. Holidays. The first day of school. Graduation. A new job. A new home. Retirement.

I’m looking forward to a big event. I don’t know exactly what it will be like and I will be WAY out of my comfort zone, but I can’t wait. I’ve marked time during the last few months with this event in mind. I’ve talked to others who have experienced it. They declare that words will not contain it and that I will be permanently changed by it.

Whether or not it exceeds my expectations, my anticipation of it has brought me excitement and joy. I think God delights in our joyful anticipation. Sometimes we go through the motions of doing what we’ve always done, paying lip service to hope, but not really expecting change. When is the last time you anticipated God interrupting your schedule? Walking through the gates of heaven? Seeing the face of Christ for the first time?

God wants us to desire what he has planned for us – whether that is tomorrow or eternity. He introduced himself to Moses with an incomplete sentence – “I Am”. Christ commands his disciples to “follow me”. “I am” what? Follow you where? There is anticipation built into those that is absolutely intentional on God’s part. He wants us to choose him and love him….just like he has chosen and loved us. He joyfully anticipates the “prodigal” coming home. All of heaven celebrates when the “lost sheep” is found. He is coming back to take us to the home he has prepared for us. He wants us to joyfully anticipate what he has planned for us.

Isaiah 65:18 Look ahead with joy. Anticipate what I’m creating. (The Message Paraphrase)