Snuggle Time

My “to do” list is long this morning and my time is short. There is much I want to accomplish today, and I’m sure there will be interruptions and changes of plan that may prevent completion of that “to do” list. I “showed up” (see yesterday’s blog!) for quiet time with God this morning, and my mind is in a thousand different places rehearsing “woulda, coulda, shoulda” options. But my biggest problem is that my dog is in the mood to be snuggled. The house is quiet, but the dog is determined.

I went through the obligatory belly rub and ear scratch. I held him for a minute then got him a treat. He wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to touch me. He wanted me to “love on” him, and he batted me with his paw each time I stopped. So I gave in. I put the computer down and just held him. Suddenly I noticed the sound of the rain on the skylights and the new colors that have bloomed outside my window. I began to feel peace settle over me, not because of check marks on my to do list, but because that to do list suddenly wasn’t my number one priority. I shared a precious moment of unconditional love.

And then it occurred to me. This is exactly what happens between me and God. I show up to spend time with him, but I’ve got a preconceived list of what I need to do and accomplish for him. Sometimes my time with God needs to include repentance. Sometimes God uses that time to hold me accountable for disobedient, unkind choices I’ve made. Sometimes he uses that time to plant his scripture in my heart or give me guidance for what is to come. But sometimes, he just wants me to pay attention to his presence. Sometimes he just wants me to find peace and take delight in the fact that he loves me. I have no idea why the God of the entire universe who is all knowing and holy would ever choose to show up for quiet time with children who are so unlike him, but this day, I began my day in the presence of two who insisted that I take a moment to snuggle and love on them, to ignore everything else and remember how precious and necessary snuggle time is.

The dog is now much more interested in the squirrel at the bird feeder. But we had a sweet moment that reminded me of something that should always be on my “to do” list. How would my quiet time each morning be different if I approached it with determined expectation of finding God’s presence? How many times have I struggled through frustration and crisis, not because I didn’t have the answer, but because I hadn’t let God love on me enough to let that love spill over into the lives of those around me?

He knows what your day will bring. Seek his presence and know the unconditional love and peace that he longs to give you. God will never grow tired of his children’s attention. You were created for relationship with him.

Psalm 131:2 But I have stilled and quieted my soul; like a weaned child with its mother, like a weaned child is my soul within me.