When did worship become more about “church” than it is about God? When we relegate “worship” to what happens in our church sanctuary on Sunday mornings at 11, it is easy to lose worship in going through the motions of ritual. The kind of songs we sing, whether or not people clap or raise their hands, which version of the scripture is used begin to get more focus than God himself. And our worship deteriorates into what the world sees as “church”.

We can get so good at “church” we don’t notice when we start just going through the motions. Sometimes our worship is planned so well that we can just be spectators while other people actually do it. Worship is not the same as showing up at church. Worship is what should happen at church when hearts that seek and respond to the presence of the Living God are overwhelmed with a glimpse of his glory.

When is the last time your personal prayer was so passionate and so deep that the minister finished before you did? That the words of the hymn or praise song became the prayer on your lips? That you heart was humbled or delighted because you recognized that the words of the scripture or the sermon was God speaking directly to your heart?

Whether your worship springs from a thankful heart or a broken one, it should be grounded in the realization that he is God and you are not. Whether your worship is done on bended knee or dancing feet, whether it is reverent or joyful, it is not about you. It is about God. In his book Heaven Randy Alcorn says “If you’ve ever had a true taste of worship, you will crave more of it, not less.”

Church was created by Christ to help us worship. There is something precious and unique about corporate worship, and spiritual growth occurs much more readily in fellowship with other Christians. Sharing your worship with others in your church give you a foretaste of the holy fellowship we will know in heaven.

May you never settle for “church”. May your time in “church” lead you into the presence of Almighty God himself. And may you know the deep peace and delight of time intentionally spent with your God.

Psalm 96:9 Worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness.