This country was begun by people who believed in freedom and fresh starts. They were not afraid to sacrifice their comfort for their beliefs, and they were blessed with victories over enemies that sought to deny them the freedom they held precious. They used that freedom and the resulting prosperity to contribute aid and effort to helping other countries battle disease, poverty, ignorance, and starvation. America has made mistakes, but we’ve done enough right that others have been blessed by our hope and hard work. This nation was built by immigrants from all over the world who came here for opportunity they couldn’t find elsewhere.

But that seems to be changing. We now seem to think we deserve our blessings and shouldn’t have to sacrifice for what we want. The most cursory glimpse of the evening news shows that our country is increasingly divided and our system of law is breaking down. We subordinate what is right to what advances our cause. We are more defined by what separates us from each other than what unites us. We are more interested in what protects our power than we are in the truth. We are no longer a help to our allies, nor a deterrent to our enemies.

God told us how to handle decline in our nation.

II Chron 7:14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.


Perhaps part of America’s problem is that too few of us are called by his name or that we’ve become so self-sufficient that we’ve forgotten how to be humble. Perhaps we’re so busy looking at ourselves and the most recent polls that we decide the ends do justify the means, so we no longer recognize sin as wickedness. We entertain ourselves with what is profane and immoral, and wonder why the American culture is no longer thriving.

What does America need to be “healed” of? What have we become that indicates brokenness? How would America look different if God “healed” us?

On this holiday when we celebrate the birth of our nation, I encourage you to pray fervently for America. Pray for your own humility and then pray for humble, godly leaders who will align themselves with what is good, rather than what is expedient or protects their careers. Ask for God’s forgiveness for yourself, and for our nation for all the idols that we’ve allowed to crowd God out of our consciousness. Ask God to help you see sin like he does, and ask him for healing that will restore our relationship with him.