God Is Not A Genie
There is no end to the trouble we can create for ourselves when we forget that we are not God or we try to use him to advance our personal agenda. He is God; we are not. He knows the future and has all wisdom and power; we don’t. And yet, we become frustrated when we treat him as who we want him to be, and he just keeps being who he’s always been.

We can be so sure of ourselves that we just want him to be a genie who will give us all that we want and then leave us alone to enjoy it. We can recognize our need for relationship and insist that God become our buddy who will always support us and agree with us. We can recognize our limitations and require that he become our warrior who will fight our enemies for us. We can recognize our limited perspective and consult him as a sculptor who will make us into more than we can envision for ourselves. We can recognize our mistakes and hope he will become our savior who can save us from ourselves. But only when we recognize that God is not bound by our commands or imagination are we able to begin to see just a glimpse of who he is and who we can be if we will trust him with the truth about ourselves. Only then do we start to see our lives and future from his perspective. Only then do we begin to see glimpses of the God who is so much more than we can ask or imagine.

God’s purpose for your life is not to grant your wishes; it is to make you holy. He interrupted heaven and history so that you could know him as he is, so that he can redeem your past and present into a future that is greater than you can ask or imagine. He came, and still comes, to all who want to know him. God will not conform to your expectations, but he will reveal himself to those who seek to know him.

Ps 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.