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“The Gospel is for those who know they are empty.  Those who see no need for God in their lives see no need for God in their society.  They think they are capable of all they need. Our lives are significant only when we join God in our world.” Alister Begg

We can be “full of ourselves”. We can fill our homes with possessions and our calendars with activity. We can fill our resumes with accomplishments and our thoughts with mindless entertainment. We can be “full” of things that do not fulfill us, that do not feed our soul. We focus our efforts on achieving purpose, but find ourselves drained of passion. We can fill ourselves with what the world says we need, and find that we are disappointed in the results. All of our attempts to fill ourselves only leave us unsatisfied with a more complicated “to do” list.

Jesus knew that we would be tempted to fill ourselves with meaningless or destructive things that would consume us and leave us empty.

Matt 5:6  Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.

What are you hungry for? Are you filling your heart and your life with things that fulfill you, or with things that just take up space and time? Are you surrounded by activity and clutter that leaves you empty and disappointed? How much of your passion is spent on moments that don’t matter for more than just that moment? Do you base your worth on things that give you recognition, or on moments that fill your soul?

During Jesus’ earthly ministry, those who were full of themselves walked away from him or conspired to destroy him. Those who recognized his truth, who found his joy and were filled with his power were those who admitted that the standards of this world left them empty. Their recognition of their emptiness allowed them to be filled with the Holy Spirit found new passion and meaning that defined the rest of their lives.

May God give us the perspective to see our emptiness and fill us with his love.