yes no

Our culture has made communication very complicated. We often sacrifice truth to political correctness or hide our true thoughts behind what we think others want to hear. Advertising and politics are now billion dollar industries that are built around communicating what will influence our listeners to agree with us….whether or not it’s the whole truth. We can “spin” information or a story to highlight the parts we like, and ignore the details that don’t work to our benefit.

Where is the line between tact and honesty? Where is the line between truth and lie? When we disguise our “yes” as “no”, or vice versa, it is usually because we are ashamed of or threatened by the truth. We want those who hear us to be impressed by what we wish were true, or we want to hide the truth from them.

When our elected officials begin to give answers and make decisions based on keeping their power, rather than on what is right and good for our country, they change from being statesmen to politicians. When marketing companies are more focused on increasing sales than they are on speaking truth, they begin to resemble the charlatans who peddled snake oil out of the back of their wagon in the old west. Their “yes” and “no” are buried in clever facades that will achieve their desired end, even if the truth has to be bent or ignored.

Jesus’ example for us and his command to us is to “Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No” (Matt 5:37). What an odd command. It is so easy to understand, but can be so hard to obey. God knows our whole truth, no matter how we spin it, and is not fooled. Hiding behind partial truth and lies can separate us from him and can damage our testimony with others. Whatever calling we have must include authenticity.

The only place the whole truth of our lives is safe is in the hands of our God who loves us unconditionally. Trust him with your whole truth, and allow him to use your authenticity to encourage and inspire those around you to do the same.