My life has been stressful lately. There has been a fair amount of frustration and chaos, and despite my fervent prayers asking God to show me what he wants me to do, I still find myself fumbling through most days, accomplishing the urgent, hacking away at the necessary. I don’t have a firm grasp on the big picture or my next step. This morning as I prayed for wisdom to know and courage to do God’s will in my day, my dog would not leave me alone. He nudged my computer away; he wanted to be in my lap; he wanted my full attention. He wasn’t concerned with my to do list; he wanted to be my only priority.

I absolutely believe he is the world’s greatest dog. He has blessed our family for just over five years. Most of our life and history came before he took over our hearts and home. There are parts of our current life that he doesn’t participate in or understand. He doesn’t understand current events or have any concept of financial responsibilities. He trusts that his meals will be served on time with no idea of where they come from. He doesn’t know what a grocery store is; he’s never been to church or to school; he doesn’t have a job or commitments that ever take him away from us…he’s part of our home and our family because he loves us. We didn’t get a dog because we wanted him to pitch in with the chores or bring home an extra paycheck. We wanted a dog because we wanted him to love us and let us love him.

He seeks our attention and constantly wants to be with us. He is overjoyed when we return home or when he is allowed to go with us in the car. He shows his affection for us by bringing us toys or snuggling, and nothing brings him more joy than having our full attention. His primary goal is to be with us.

Jesus taught using parables and metaphors that were familiar to his followers. This morning I believe he sent Cooper to remind me of some things. So much of who God is and what God does is outside my understanding and presence. There is so much that I don’t understand about the one who is so very, very different from me. There are some really important things in his world that I have absolutely no control over. But God has not equipped or called me to those. God’s call on my life is to love him and the ones who are in my “place” right now, with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength.

This morning I asked God to show me what he wanted from me. Cooper edged my computer out of my lap so that he had my full attention. I get it.