sacrifice 2

 A baseball player may hit a sacrifice bunt that gets him out, but advances a runner from his team. A soldier, policeman, or fireman sacrifice their own safety to protect others. A parent may sacrifice himself to protect his child. Our culture values convenience, money, and time, and we usually must sacrifice at least one of those to have the others. Deep down man has always understood the concept that what is easy must be sacrificed to achieve what is good and eternal.

The Old Testament sacrificial system required that man offer sacrifices of unblemished livestock or the first fruits of his harvest to acknowledge his sin or honor God. God sacrificed his perfect son to end that system, but it did not end our need to recognize the sacred and sacrifice the profane in our lives.

The problem is now we seem to be far more comfortable with sacrificing the sacred to honor the profane. We sacrifice the Sabbath for shopping or recreation or entertainment, but the vast majority of Americans don’t honor God on the Sabbath anymore. God created marriage as a sacred covenant with sex as a means to intimacy and procreation; we’ve sacrificed that intimacy and made it a spectator sport in our entertainment and publications industries. We’ve sacrificed integrity for fame and money. We’ve sacrificed our deep relationship with God and relegated him to a distant acquaintance that we only visit on major holidays or when there is a crisis. We’ve become far more comfortable with bad language and immoral behavior than with holiness. We can spend hours watching a movie, cheering at a sporting event, or reading a trashy book, but we sacrifice prayer and Bible study because we don’t have the time.

When you sacrifice enough of the sacred things in your life, you lose perspective on their holiness. Jesus’ sacrifice came through his death. Our sacrifice must come through how we live.

Rom 12:1  Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God–this is your spiritual act of worship.

Every choice you make requires you to sacrifice something. This day intentionally examine your choices. Be willing to sacrifice what is easy for what is good; what is lesser for what is better; what is profane for what is sacred. Let your sacrifice lead you to what is holy and eternal.