success 2Life is messy. We define “success” up front and then don’t know what to call it when the end result doesn’t match our plans. Our best intentions are sometimes sidetracked by pitfalls and interruptions that we don’t see coming and can’t control. The pristine “happily ever after” we envisioned seldom works out as neatly as we planned. But what if your current circumstances are the God ordained preparation for what is to come? What if your plans lead only to more of the same or worse, and God’s plans lead to victory and adventure? What if your ultimate success is based on your response to your current circumstances?

Successful people don’t waste time bemoaning what isn’t or complaining about what should have happened; they make the most of whatever circumstances they find themselves in. Mark Batterson has a book In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day (which I HIGHY recommend). In it he shares his life philosophy which is also his admonition to his church.

Do the best you can You were never intended to be the best at everything. You may not like what you are doing; you may not be as qualified as someone else for what you are doing; you may feel like you are wasting your time. But for now, your circumstances are yours. Going through the motions may get you to the end, but it will never feed your soul. Half-hearted efforts usually deliver lackluster results. What if God is waiting for you to invest your best so that He can multiply it into something great or something different?

With what you have Life would be so much easier if we had more money, more talent, more time, more opportunity. I suspect that what we “don’t have” may be intended to help us be dependent on Him. God doesn’t call you to be someone else. He created you on purpose, just as you are. If we trust God with what we have, he can make it enough, even when it doesn’t look like much. Moses gave God his staff, and God defeated Pharaoh and the Egyptian army; David offered God his slingshot, and God gave victory to the army of Israel; a boy offered Jesus his 5 loaves and 2 fish, and Jesus fed the hearts and minds of 5000. What if God wants you to trust Him with what you have so that you can see his power at work in your circumstances?

Where you are Sometimes we waste our lives aiming for what we want and miss the blessing of where we actually are. You could have been born into a different set of circumstances in a different place…but you weren’t. There are people and opportunities where you are that are God ordained. What does God want you to learn from them? What do you have that God wants to use to impact those around you right now?

 Do the best YOU can with what YOU have where YOU are. We don’t get to be someone else. We don’t get to live someone else’s story. For right now, we are who we are, where we are. Perhaps doing the best we can will change us. It might even change our circumstances. God intends that we use what we have wherever we are to the best of our ability to bring our good and His glory. What do you have? Where are you? How big is the gap between what you are doing and your best?